The Global Colors of Social Networking

  • On August 1955, 2008

  • by Aydin Senkut

A picture is worth a thousand words…I wanted to try out the new Google Insights for Search comparing the search volume/intensity around the world for: Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Friendster.

The regionalities which existed before still continue and hold true:

Facebook is tops in Turkey, Canada, UK and South Africa

Myspace is huge in the US, Puerto Rico, and Australia

Friendster rules in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia

Hi5 dominates Portugal and most of Central & South America including Peru, Dominican Republic

Now the more interesting ones – with respect to the local champions, they’re still in the lead in their respective countries:

Vkontakte in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

Mixi in Japan

But the most eye opening for me was the comparison between Xing and LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is strong in US and India but also in Europe (Denmark, Belgium & Netherlands)

Xing has a clear lead in Germany, Austria, in addition to *China* and Singapore