Congrats to Aardvark and Foodzie teams (2009 Businessweek Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs)

  • On April 2333, 2009

  • by Aydin Senkut

Congrats to Max Ventilla from Aardvark along with Nik Bauman, Emily Olson and Rob LaFave from Foodzie for being among Businessweek’s 2009 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs. I’m delighted to be an angel investor in those two companies.

Both of them are going after important market segments in their own right. Aardvark offers a great solution for searches or questions that are best answered by real people, preferably among your circle of friends via their proprietary routing technologies using instant messaging. Foodzie is out to demonstrate that food category has huge marketplace appeal on the internet given the strong trends towards local, organic and artisan food items. It also happens that the food segment has the lowest penetration (1% according to Morgan Stanley) in e-commerce which significantly increases its growth potential.