Doubling Down on Innovation with our Boutique Approach

  • On June 713, 2012

  • by Aydin Senkut

Our team at Felicis has the great fortune to work with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. During the last few years, we’ve not only called out important growth areas like mobile, e-commerce, education and health but also continue to put the entrepreneur first, having customized our approach for each founder and company we back .

Two key trends were fundamental in helping us sharpen our investment focus: democratization and diversification of innovation.

Meaningful start-ups can now literally be launched anywhere in the world, as distribution is rapidly being solved by app stores and mega social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and the costs to start a company continue to rapidly fall. We call this trend democratization of innovation.

The other major shift (which we are really excited about) is what we call the diversification of innovation. While armies of engineers continue to build companies on the web, some technical talent started attacking problems in adjacent areas such as 3D imaging, bio-informatics and connected devices at home (most of which happen to have cloud services in the back-end). When you combine the power of software with Moore’s law, amazing things can happen in the cost / scale relationship. One example is the falling cost of genome sequencing.

As a result, we decided to double down on innovation by launching our new fund and expanding our team with 2 new partner promotions. However, we’d like to continue to do so in our own way: discovering and supporting exceptional entrepreneurs and iconic companies one at a time.

Also, as no two companies are the same, and every founder is different, with different priorities, we feel that a boutique approach is required –  it’s our favored path to be different ourselves and blaze our own trail.

We are committed to remaining humble and thinking out of the box. Thank you to our founders, for letting us be part of their rides, and fellow investors (who are too many to mention) for allowing us to work with them – we’re having a blast and looking forward to an amazing journey ahead.