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Doubling Down on Innovation with our Boutique Approach

Our team at Felicis has the great fortune to work with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. During the last few years, we’ve not only called out important growth areas like mobile, e-commerce, education and health but also continue to put the entrepreneur first, having customized our approach for each founder and company… Read more »

How does Felicis source investments?

We’ve been fortunate to have a truly exceptional community of founders at Felicis. Not only do they build awesome products and organizations, they are thought leaders in their field and often see opportunities around them before anyone else. We’ve long subscribed to the belief that anything we’ve done in our operational lives is mostly outdated. Our… Read more »

Mobile + Health realities

There has been a lot of excitement around the potential of digital and especially mobile health of late. The hope is that mobile holds the key to users adopting various technologies and taking control of their own health. In order for m-health to realize its potential of changing behavior, driving efficiencies and eventually improving health… Read more »

Recognizing Our Founders with our new Community Page

Following the closing of our seed fund last summer, we have been hard at work on our priority number one: serving our entrepreneurs. In this one area, we aspire to constantly push the bar higher, striving to excel in the “venture concierge” aspect of the venture business (to paraphrase Vinod Khosla). We organized our first… Read more »

Announcing Felicis Ventures’ First Institutional Fund

Felicis Ventures came a long way since its inception late 2005 and our first investment in January of 2006. We are really excited to announce our first Institutional Fund in the amount of $40 million along with our newly re-designed website. During a time when most venture funds are facing headwinds in an increasingly dire… Read more »

Congrats to Aardvark and Foodzie teams (2009 Businessweek Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs)

Congrats to Max Ventilla from Aardvark along with Nik Bauman, Emily Olson and Rob LaFave from Foodzie for being among Businessweek’s 2009 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs. I’m delighted to be an angel investor in those two companies. Both of them are going after important market segments in their own right. Aardvark offers a great solution… Read more »

Want to Fix the Economy? Think Immigrant Entrepreneurs

There is a plethora of ideas on how to revive the economy. To me it boils down to one simple strategy: Support the entrepreneurs, especially the immigrant ones. The stimulus grants the government is handing out to different industries remains a band-aid solution and basically just re-allocates existing resources. Supporting the entrepreneurs, on the other… Read more »