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Entering 2009, the Year of the Ox on a Cautiously Bullish Note

2008’s year of the rat will remain a memorable one for many reasons including the surprising and disturbing changes in the markets and economies around the world. As for Felicis Ventures, it was the best year so far in its brief three year history: 2008 brought no less than 3 exits: Powerset (sold to Microsoft),… Read more »

Maximizing Options in a Downturn

It’s hard to stay focused on the task on hand these days amidst the turbulence, the uncertainty and looming decisions that might be hardly palatable. There is no lack of advice or dire warnings from VCs and experts alike. Most pragmatic advice I heard so far was summed up at a recent Venturebeat panel by… Read more »

Top Global Internet Ad Markets in 2008

Myspace CEO Chris DeWolfe was quoted in TechCrunch 50 as saying that “95% of their ad revenues come from 9 countries”. Based on online ad market estimates* between mid 2007 to mid 2008, the following chart depicts the top global internet ad markets as follows: * all estimates based on eMarketer [2007-2008], except: South Korea… Read more »

The Global Colors of Social Networking

A picture is worth a thousand words…I wanted to try out the new Google Insights for Search comparing the search volume/intensity around the world for: Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Friendster. The regionalities which existed before still continue and hold true: Facebook is tops in Turkey, Canada, UK and South Africa Myspace is huge in the… Read more »