Web Designer

You have experience building and prototyping interfaces in HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, and visual software. You are comfortable with brainstorming, wireframing all the way through to usability testing, customer development, and iteration. Big plus: experience with designing for large data environments, mobile, marketing, and print design.

Big Data Engineer/Data Scientist

5+ Years experience with object oriented languages (Java, C++, Ruby) Distributed systems, shared nothing architecture, map reduce, key/value stores Experience with open source systems such as Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra, MongoDB At least 1 prior production system that has scaled to billions of rows and 25+ terabytes of data Machine learning, neural networks a plus

Software Engineer

5+ Years experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, MySQL Front-end and back-end web development Big plus: experience with Analytics, data analysis tools, business intelligence, design

Operations Engineer

3+ Years experience managing production systems in cloud environments AWS, Linux, Ruby, Bash, Nginx, DNS, Load Balancing, MySQL Distributed systems, application and server performance tuning