Backend Web Developer Intern

You should have Django experience or other Python web-app experience (example please, source code snippets accepted). You should be familiar with the Git version control system. Extra credit for: Working on an API using Tastypie or REST Framework. Comfort with jQuery.

Unity Developer Intern

You should be comfortable with C# programming; if you’ve only programmed unity in UnityScript (JavaScript) then this probably isn’t the position for you. You preferably are familiar with Git for version control. Extra credit if you’ve done any UI programming (in or outside Unity)

Software Engineer (Computer Vision)

Responsibilities At Matterport, we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible in 3D reconstruction by aggressively innovating in computer vision. We’ve already built an amazing 3D reconstruction system, but we have a lot of work planned to make it even better. We’re looking to add a computer vision expert who will work in areas that… Read more »

Software Engineer (3D Web Viewer)

This person in this position will be the lead developer for our 3D viewer, handling development for both the engine and interface. The viewer is how the world sees the places captured by our cameras, and we’re looking for someone to keep the experience intuitive, seamless, and stable. This role includes continually improving the viewer… Read more »

Software Engineer (Web Backend and Cloud Processing)

Responsibilities The person in this position will lead the server side of our technology, including all of Matterport’s web development and cloud workflow. We’re building innovative hardware and software into our cameras, but our cloud processing and website are where it all comes together as a complete product. Tasks include greatly expanding our current web… Read more »