Content Specialist

Are you a wordophile, bibliophile, and total organization-ophile? Do you have an innate ability to manage large amounts of content? Then it’s time to put your skills to use. We’re looking for a Content Specialist who can work with teachers, writers, and artists to manage the content that makes it into our apps. A strong… Read more »

Curriculum Specialist

We’re looking for someone who geeks out over educational curriculum and who believes with every fiber of their fun-loving being that games can make learning more intuitive and engaging. Sound like you? Then we need your expert skills. You’ll help drive educational content by aligning our game material with developing educational trends and emerging national… Read more »

Android Engineer

If you are passionate about the Android platform, we want you to share that with us and spread it around like it's your job, because it will be. Our exclusive affair with iOS is coming to a close, and we are looking for a seasoned Android engineer to come help us broaden our horizons. If… Read more »

Game Designer

We’re looking for an animal (preferably a homo sapien) to work on all aspects of game design, including prototyping, balancing, and documentation. You’ll be working closely with the our art and engineering teams, generally being an all-around genius. You’ll also be helping out with some hiring, so the ability to speak is a plus. Opposable… Read more »

UI Design Intern

We have a bunch of product work on the table and are seeking a talented and ambitious intern to help out in a major way. Got the chops and passion for great design? Let’s do this. We’ll give you challenging design problems, you’ll give us simple and beautiful solutions. Then we promptly love you for… Read more »