Office Manager

We’re a team of nerds obsessed with building an affordable, fun robot named Romo. By combining smartphones with a mobile base, we create robots that do awesome things (telepresence, autonomous navigation, machine vision). People Operations exists to help make our employees’ lives simpler and better. We are looking for an experienced People Ops Manager to… Read more »

Speech Engineer

Responsibilities: Design and development of speech input and output capabilities for our robots. You'll be responsible for the development of a conversational AI system. Use of cutting-edge NLP and text-to-speech paradigms in unstructured, noisy environments. Research into verbal (and nonverbal) communication between children and social characters. Qualifications: You have a passion for robotics. You have… Read more »

Visual Designer

Min Experience: 2-4 years We’re Romotive, a team of nerds obsessed with building an affordable, fun personal robot. Our first product, Romo, is an iDevice-powered robot that lets you video chat with anyone, anywhere in the world. Our investors believe we’ll change the world by putting a robot in every home in America. We’re well… Read more »

Web Developer

Responsibilities: You'll be responsible for crafting enjoyable web experiences for visitors to Romotive's website. You'll also be creating novel web interfaces that bring the Romo experience to everyone and lead to increased robot sales. Qualifications: You have expertise with Javascript & CSS. You have experience working with at least two popular web frameworks. You are… Read more »

Game Designer

Responsibilities: You will be developing and prototyping new game concepts for Romo. You'll be creating storyboards and narratives for game concepts. Establishing functionality and structure for the games we create. Qualifications: You have a mastery of game balancing and pacing. Knowledge of and love for all types of games: cards, board, mobile, console. You like… Read more »

Electrical Engineer

Responsibilities: -You’ll be in charge of full projects from concept to manufacturing. This includes establishing requirements, circuit board design, component sourcing and test design. Interdisciplinary communication is extremely important in managing projects. -You’ll be the one designing prototypes, and then be required to test and debug while you bring that prototype to life. This means… Read more »

Backend/iOS Engineer

Responsibilities: You'll be helping us develop our iOS apps by writing obscene amounts of code. Responsible for core iOS development of all the backend systems that glue our technologies together. Helping us create a powerful visual programming language that kids can use to program robots. You'll be shipping mobile apps for robots that put your… Read more »

Animator/Character Designer

Responsibilities: You'll be responsible for developing playful and compelling characters for Romotive (like Romo!) that are attractive to muliple audiences. (i.e. grandkids AND grandparents) You'll also be tasked with developing the story and background for Romotive's characters. Qualifications: You are able to design in a variety of styles. You have a 2D portfolio featuring strong… Read more »