Find out about the jobs available at Felicis’ portfolio companies

  • On April 2423, 2012

  • by Felicis Ventures

We all know how crucial both execution and culture are to the long-term success of a disruptive idea. Finding the right talent is not an easy task and we see the challenge it brings to our portfolio companies.

With the goal of scaling our ability to help our companies recruit we have launched a “Jobs” section to our website where our founders can post real time open positions in their companies.

There are currently 492 opportunities in fast growing, disruptive companies trying to solve big problems in our key focus areas: mobile, e-commerce, consumerized enterprise, health and education.

In line with our conviction that the enterprise sector presents the next big wave of investment opportunities, of all jobs available 35% are in the area (and we only expect this number to grow). When it comes to “hot functions” software engineering is top of mind. The surprising insight is that sales jobs are next in line!

The 100+ companies in Felicis portfolio have generated 3,972 jobs to date. If you’d like to join that roster, click here to see what’s available now.

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