Senior DevOps Engineer

Responsibilities: Ensuring high availability and uptime of our game platform used by millions of users Monitoring and performance tuning of entire system architecture, including api tier, databases (mysql), and nosql servers (Memcached, Redis, HBase), background services tier. AWS automation and infrastructure management, including server configuration, code deployments and auto-scaling Cost and performance analysis of entire… Read more »

Product Manager

Responsibilities Own full product life-cycle for games from ideation through live-game optimization Formulate product strategy and create engaging game mechanics and core game loops Partner with engineers, artists, and designers to develop core features and campaigns for new and existing games Wireframe and spec features, optimize core social mechanics within titles, and leverage virtual economies… Read more »

Game Launch Specialist

Think Ed Harris in Apollo 13: you are the heart of marketing, making sure that dozens of crucial systems are all working perfectly in tandem to help us launch new games to the top of the app store charts. You’re so detail-oriented that you catch typos on billboards while driving on the highway, and you’ve… Read more »

Innovation Strategist

Think Iron Man: you spend half your time on marketing innovation, and the other half leveraging the strategies you’ve developed to kick major butt. Your challenge is to help us stay not a step, but a mile ahead of the competition by constantly pushing the envelope with both offline and online channels. You have no… Read more »

Tech Recruiter

We are looking for a Technical Recruiter to join our awesome team. Strong sourcing skills and an intimate understanding of how to assess candidates are a must; we set our talent bar high and want to be sure you're on the same page. If you're comfortable in a quickly changing environment and have a demonstrated… Read more »

Revenue Product Manager

We're looking for an experienced Product Manager to own the analysis and optimization of our advertising campaigns and identify new opportunities within the space. Your ability to interface with our engineers and our ad partners is paramount though you must also be able to simplify any complex problems down to layman's terms. Responsibilities: Works with… Read more »

Platform Engineer

As a platform engineer you will be building a mobile gaming platform to support millions of players and dozens of titles. You love scaling large systems, automating AWS EC2, designing RESTful APIs, and keeping response times low. We love engineers who are strong in C#, Python, Google Go, have experience building on AWS, and know… Read more »

Mobile Developer

We are looking for the most badass mobile engineers on the planet to help us develop Top 10 cutting-edge apps and games used by millions of users. Our mobile team is comprised of award winning hackers who expect to be working with world-class talent. Responsibilities: Ship production-grade mobile games used by millions of people Qualifications:… Read more »

iOS Engineer

We are looking for the most badass iOS engineers on the planet to help us develop Top 10 cutting-edge apps and games used by millions of users. Our mobile developers are award winning hackers who expect to be working with world class talent. Responsibilities: Ship production-grade iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) apps and games used by… Read more »