August 6, 2018

Celebrating the Felicis Team and Embarking on a New Chapter

Aydin Senkut

In one of the most exciting developments in Felicis history, we announced last week the close of our sixth and largest fund to-date ($270 million) and welcomed our fourth Managing Director, Victoria Treyger. We are incredibly fortunate that Victoria chose to join Felicis as an investing partner and Managing Director. Her deep experience scaling businesses perfectly complements and elevates the skillsets and experiences already represented in our team. As Chief Revenue Officer of Kabbage, Victoria was key to growing the company through six years of standout compound annual growth rates of over 100%. She has also held leadership roles at Amazon, American Express, Ring Central and Travelocity. As more and more of our founders grow businesses to massive M&A and IPO scale, Victoria will be an invaluable partner to them.

At Felicis, we often feel that a fundraise is really no more than a mile-marker, given our business is a derivative one that depends on the success of the teams we back. However, this milestone comes at a particularly special time in the evolution of Felicis as we build our vision for a new standard in venture capital. After experiencing Google’s very early growth as a team member, I’ve been incredibly lucky to support similarly amazing journeys of iconic companies (like Shopify, Fitbit, Adyen and 17 others that have been valued at $1 billion or more) as an investor. To do that by partnering with some of the best limited partners in our industry and operating in our own unique way based on a shared set of core values has been a dream come true for me.

My other dream from day one has been to create a firm that attracts incredible talent and maximizes personal growth far beyond what someone ever imagined for themselves. My incredible colleagues have been a key ingredient of our consistent success, so it’s only natural to recognize their contributions with well-deserved promotions.

I am very proud to share that Dasha Maggio and Katie Riester have been promoted to Partner, and Niki Pezeshki has been promoted to Principal.

Dasha has been with Felicis for over five years and has touched nearly all aspects of Felicis operations. She is a general athlete with many talents, including her unique combination of operational prowess and deep empathy. In leading our Founder Success efforts, Dasha is pioneering a new standard for how investors support founders. More exciting news to come on this front. She is the youngest Partner in our history.

Katie has over 15 years of experience in the venture industry and was one of the first institutional investors in Felicis via her prior role at SVB Capital. She joined us one year ago to lead Investor Relations here at Felicis, and has significantly elevated our strategy, process and communications in this area. As a result of Katie’s efforts, we are proud to welcome two women’s colleges and a top scholarship fund for minority students as new LPs in our sixth fund. Katie also led our investment in the longevity-focused Age 1 Accelerator.

Niki has had one of the fastest and most impactful starts in our investment team history. As a result of his thesis-driven approach, Niki found and championed some of our most notable companies, including Guideline, Guild Education, Cleo and many others. He is driven to excel under any circumstances and combines strengths in several key areas, including analytic rigor (from years of private equity training), excellent judgement (honed in part during his time in an operating role at Climate Corp), and a relentlessly positive attitude (a rare and critical asset for a venture investor). Niki is the youngest Principal in our history.

As we embark on our sixth fund, I am proud to be part of our awesome team that enables Felicis to stand out by adapting rapidly, leveraging diversity (in every way) and embracing empathy as a core strength. Empathy for our founders’ journeys is and will always be at the core of everything we do. By having empathy for each other as team members and amplifying one another’s strengths, we hope to evolve even faster, and put all our hustle into improving our probability of success.

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