May 6, 2016

Raising the Bar on Young Talent & Diversity – We’re Very Excited to Announce Niki Pezeshki as the Newest Member of our Investment Team

Sundeep Peechu

We are a relatively young and diverse team with big ambitions. Despite our small size, we cover a wide range of age, ethnic backgrounds and personal/professional experiences that makes for a rich team dynamic. So whenever we embark on a search for a new team member, it’s quite an adventure to strike a balance between someone who inspires us, pushes us out of our comfort zone, and brings a unique perspective. We are seldom conventional in our searches and try something new every time. Sometimes it’s an unexpected recommendation from a friend or an inspiring conversation catalyzing into a partnership or an old fashioned cold outreach to someone we believe will make an enormous impact.

So when we decided to expand our investment team, we tried a new experiment with a select few people we thought could be a good match. We gave them a conceptual task that required some hustle to gather the right information and formulate a response. Out of that small group, Niki blew us away with his thoughtfulness, speed and creativity. He demonstrated convincingly that he was the best match. The process also allowed him a much better understanding of our firm and strategy. We are thrilled to welcome him to our team.

Niki was most recently part of the investment teams at Summit Partners and Vista Equity Partners. Coincidentally, he initially moved to the bay area to work at Climate Corp, one of our portfolio companies. He is obsessed about Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger and started the Value Investing Group at USC that has continued to thrive in the years since. And most importantly, he comes from a self-made background and an entrepreneurial mindset. We are super excited to welcome him to our investment team and look forward to a more colorful journey ahead.

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