Our Pledge

We aim to make founders and their companies unbreakable, with empathy and trust at the core of how we partner:

1% Founder Development Pledge

We were the first venture firm to commit 1% on top of every first check we write to be used for personalized founder development: executive coaching, therapy, and more. Over 50 founders have leveraged this initiative to scale themselves ahead of their companies.


We vote our shares alongside founders. We believe this creates a foundation of trust that enables the intellectual honesty required for making pivotal (often difficult) business decisions.

Engineering Success

We help founders set up precise telemetry, turn their companies into talent magnets and create high-performing cultures that drive exceptional results. We’ve seen inside over 50 $1B+ companies as investors and operators, giving us a unique vantage point into the behaviors that distinguish outliers.

We are building a generational company. We want to have investors who understand how to build companies that not only change our market, but define or create entire new markets on their own because they're making bets and they're innovating in a way that's never been done before. It wasn't really a hard choice when we realized that we could put Felicis on our cap table because they truly believe the opportunity of growth and the innovation cycle takes time and that you need to be there to support the company as it starts to invent a market.

Cristóbal Valenzuela

CEO and Founder, Runway

From a founder's perspective, so much trust is involved when you work with an investor. You are really vulnerable to all kinds of things, so trust is the number one aspect to consider when evaluating a potential partner. I was super excited to work with Felicis for the third time. There's no substitute for 10 years of working together.

Lukas Biewald

CEO and Co-Founder, Weights & Biases

The Felicis team worked really hard to understand our business, and there's no commercial analog for what we do. The team was really quick to thoughtfully understand us, the company, the opportunity, and the industry. They flew across the country to have some barbecue and discuss defense problems, which said a lot to us. The resources that they've brought to the table are really specific to our business. We've found that we're really culturally well-aligned; Felicis wants to win and create a big impact in the world, which is exactly what we want to do at Vannevar.

Nini Hamrick

President & Co-Founder, Vannevar Labs