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Every Major Market is Due to Expand

You know you're a platform when you create more value for others than you capture for yourself

Harley Finkelstein

President, Shopify

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The evolution of Vertical Saas

At Felicis we’re committed to empowering customer-obsessed vertical SaaS founders who are building in sectors that are often overlooked and yet to fully embrace software. From being early investors in Shopify and Komodo Health to recent investments like PermitFlow or Topkey, we’ve been excited to partner with founders with a passion for their market. We’re actively tracking the rise of new wedges, from fintech to services, and how AI can rapidly expand seemingly niche markets. We continue to meet founders in sectors like construction, healthcare administration, financial services, education, logistics, telecom, and manufacturing—industries we believe will unlock trillions of dollars of opportunities via vertical SaaS.

How do you support vertical founders?

Over our decade of investing across all industries, we’ve honed our expertise in supporting founders as they build unique and enduring companies. We excel in taking a bespoke approach to company building, be it helping founders identify the right benchmarks, embark on a multi-product strategy, set pricing, or raise capital, to name a few. Our team comes to each meeting with conviction in a space. As a firm, we leverage cross-industry insights that fuel the growth of seemingly nascent markets.

A shared customer obsession

We’re passionate about companies that tackle underserved markets and provide them with the technology to succeed and define the future of their industry. We seek to partner with founders who are deeply committed to serving their customers and have a chip on their shoulders about tackling a pain point few may be able to articulate. Most of these individuals cut their teeth working in or have a personal attachment to the industry in which they’re building and have a unique customer-first ethos in all their endeavors.

Vertical SaaS Founders

I love working with Sundeep at Felicis. He's incredibly thoughtful, strategic, AND pragmatic, and his insights and contributions during our meetings are always incredibly valuable. Separately, Felicis definitely lives up their publicly-stated ethos of supporting founders; the Felicis team has had my back from the very beginning and that hasn't changed one bit over time.

Web Sun

President and Co-Founder of Komodo Health

The Felicis team is unbelievably helpful when it comes to downstream fundraising - just completely involved in the process with us.

Alex Robinson

CEO and Co-Founder, Juniper Square

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