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Backing the future of health and bio

Since Felicis’ inception some of our most impactful investments have been rooted in the pursuit of pioneering non-obvious healthcare technologies. From tackling cancer diagnostics in 2013 with Guardant Health to curing rare diseases in 2015 with Recursion or promoting longevity in 2019 with BioAge, our firm has a long history of partnering early with some of the world's leading health and biotech companies. Through this journey our team has cultivated strong inroads with healthcare providers and pharma companies.

Areas we're excited about

We find ourselves in an exhilarating era for the health and biotech sectors: The convergence of groundbreaking scientific discoveries with cutting-edge technology is making it easier than ever to translate research into products. From personalized medicine to vaccines for cancer, what once seemed like science fiction is rapidly transforming into reality. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare’s back office by streamlining processes—from medical coding and patient triage to clinical trial decision-making. We are excited to partner with visionary founders spearheading important breakthroughs while taking bold swings at existing and brand-new markets.

Our unconventional approach

Felicis is neither a healthcare nor a bio-specific firm, which our portfolio companies view as a competitive advantage. Our investors work together to surface relevant learnings across decades of technological change, diverse industries, and innovative business models. These insights help our founders navigate new markets with the benefits of perspective, a fresh lens, and a robust network. And we regularly introduce Felicis-backed founders to our roster of innovative healthcare-focused limited partners—large organizations eager to be on the frontier of the latest provider and biotech solutions. 

Health & Bio Founders

One of the most unique things about Felicis is the childlike fascination they have for different ways of seeing the world. This openness to challenge existing systems has made them such a tremendous investor, and its why I’m so excited to have them involved.

Andrew Lacy

CEO and Co-Founder, Prenuvo

When you're working in a pioneering field, you need investors who are with you for the long term and there to support you every step of the way. The partnership with Felicis was exactly the kind of support I needed, and I'm incredibly appreciative of their founder pledge and voting commitment.

Chris Gibson

CEO and Co-Founder, Recursion

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