Altitude Networks

Altitude Networks protects your company's cloud data against unauthorized access, accidental or malicious sharing, and theft.

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Coalition offers comprehenseive cyber insurance and security, helping businesses manage and mitigate cyber risks.

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Dig Security

Real-time data security for the cloud

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Ontic is a protective intelligence software company with a modern, cloud-based SaaS solution that helps corporate security leaders proactively address physical threats.

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Pindrop uses AI-based IVR Authentication and Anti-Fraud Solutions to increase efficiency in call centers and stop fraudulent transactions.

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r2c’s fast, open-source static analysis tool, Semgrep, gives you the rules, building blocks, and infrastructure to shift left and scale your security program.

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RapidFort enables faster, more secure deployments by identifying and automatically eliminating unused container components.


Secure, Self-service Cloud Infrastructure

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No-code automation for security teams

Vannevar Labs

Vannevar Labs is a defense technology company bringing together government expertise with Silicon Valley engineering to solve some of the most important national security problems.

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