Our Mission

Our mission is simple: back companies inventing the future and become founders’ most trusted partners by investing directly in their growth.

We believe that iconic companies transcend boundaries: they can be built anywhere, by anyone, and in any corner of the economy—from curing rare diseases at scale to powering global payments for organizations of all sizes. We want to find and invest in these companies. We partner with founders around the world, across sectors, and at various stages, primarily before success is obvious.

We measure our success not merely by exceptional returns but by the impact we create through our mission-driven limited partners. We aspire to achieve "success with empathy": empathy for our founders, for their employees, for our limited partners, and for the people across the world that our companies serve.

Our Principles

What matters is what founders want, not what we need.

We understand the desire to control your own destiny; it’s what we want for Felicis, too. We honor what is special about each company instead of fitting it into a mold. This means respecting a founder's unique vision for their company and customizing our partnership to their wishes. It's why we were among the early believers who knew Shopify could be built in Ottawa and Canva could thrive in Sydney.

Earn trust through conviction and hustle.

There’s nothing we love more than the rush of hearing a founder articulate an incredible vision for the future, and the excitement of knowing that we must earn the right to join the journey of making it a reality. We believe in powering the “trust battery” before any formal agreement, and continually re-earning founder trust over many years of partnership. We do this by listening carefully to what founders say they need, rather than assuming we know the answers, and getting to work on what matters most, whether it’s delivering customer research, introducing Head of People candidates, or strategizing on GTM.

Impact with integrity

Since the beginning, we have partnered with limited partners (LPs) representing organizations that align with causes we believe in, and have chosen not to work with organizations that have questionable humanitarian and/or ethical practices. Each LP in our fund has a positive impact on the world: nearly all of them do this through their functions as foundations, hospitals, university endowments and philanthropic family offices. We have also cultivated a group of LPs that have the networks and influence to actively contribute to the success of companies we back through customer introductions, meaningful connections and more.