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Modernized global resilience needs

At Felicis, we love meeting mission-driven founders who are unafraid to tackle the issues plaguing our collective human species. 

Four billion people still live without connectivity. The main tools of manufacturing design were invented over four decades ago and are overdue for reinvention. In less than a decade, the number of objects launched into space each year has increased 10X. Renewable energy is moving at an incredible pace–but do we have the resources and the logistics network ready to serve this shift? Meanwhile, the nature of defense is moving from tanks and submarines to drones and AI and from brute force to intelligence. Modern warfare is as much economic as it is military in nature, which requires global resilience across infrastructure, supply chains, and the workforce. We believe there is a massive opportunity to build game-changing capabilities. 

GTM challenges for these kinds of companies

It’s almost impossibly difficult to become a program of record for a government agency or a massive utility corporation. Our team of global resilience investors not only understand the nuance of this effort, but have the patience for it–and know what lessons can be applied from other sectors. We’ve collaborated with companies on finding the right revenue leaders, building their advisor network, and forging important relationships. And we’ve observed firsthand how the right go-to-market strategy can yield powerful moats, both in positioning and partnerships.  

Our defense community

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve nurtured in the defense community over the last decade. Felicis introductions to military and intelligence officials (including four-star generals) have greatly informed the strategies of some of our companies. And we regularly help founders source executives who are attuned to the extraordinary missions of their companies. Our unique events are designed to foster and enhance the shared sense of duty amongst founders seeking to enhance global resilience.

Global Resilience Founders

Thank you for providing this incredible and unique benefit. Coaching and personal development for leaders is easy to overlook in a world where budgets are highly constrained, but I think it is one of the most high-leverage ways to support companies. You guys are awesome, and I'm honoured to work with you.

Chase Lochmiller

CEO and Co-Founder, Crusoe Energy

The Felicis team worked really hard to understand our business, and there's no commercial analog for what we do. The team was really quick to thoughtfully understand us, the company, the opportunity, and the industry. They flew across the country to have some barbecue and discuss defense problems, which said a lot to us. The resources that they've brought to the table are really specific to our business. We've found that we're really culturally well-aligned; Felicis wants to win and create a big impact in the world, which is exactly what we want to do at Vannevar.

Nini Hamrick

President & Co-Founder, Vannevar Labs

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