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Infra in the Age of AI

You can’t have an AI strategy without a data strategy. At Felicis, we believe all manual or time-intensive processes performed by developers today can be made more efficient with AI—from DevOps and monitoring and code compilation to scaling machine learning workloads, running models in both cloud and edge computing, and training models, to name a few.

We’re also tracking the secular technical shifts taking place in the storage, processing, and utilization of both structured and unstructured data. We’re curious about how companies will adapt to today’s prevailing user trends, like the shift to the edge, streaming data and real-time analysis, the utilization of modularized data stacks, and multimodal data usage.

Infrastructure consolidation or proliferation?

Whether we’re in an ecosystem of consolidation or proliferation, we believe there are always opportunities for fast-moving, technically savvy teams to take an existing problem and find a novel solution. We're in the midst a golden age of infrastructure abstraction across all parts of the developer workflow.

Zero to one

Infrastructure companies–and their communities––have unique needs and take time to build. Which is why we regularly gather technical founders from across the Felicis portfolio for <DevBrunch> to discuss trends, challenges, and talent gaps (and even forge the occasional partnership). We take pride in making introductions––not only to customers, but to technical talent and design partners who specialize in helping infra companies achieve product parity, long before they go to market.

A <DevbBunch> gathering.

Felicis-backed founders can also leverage our team of highly specialized bottoms-up go-to-market experts, like Viv Faga and Astasia Myers, who’ve helped companies like Supabase and Hex line up markets and graduate from first GitHub star to millions in recurring revenue.

Infra Founders

Anytime we have an ask, the team at Felicis is incredibly efficient. They bring so much energy to the table, and that’s exactly what you want from a partner. The team has worked with us to build the kind of culture and go-to-market strategy that will allow us to build a generational company.

Paul Copplestone

CEO and Co-Founder, Supabase

After meeting Viviana, Tobi, Aydin, and Michelle from Felicis, I realized there is another [investor] group; those who understand “how” you’re building your company, not just “what” you’re building... The folks at Felicis clearly got this.

Jordan Tigani

CEO and Co-Founder, MotherDuck

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