January 23, 2024

Astasia Myers Joins Felicis as General Partner

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We're thrilled to welcome Astasia Myers to Felicis as a General Partner.

We’re in the midst of a golden age of innovation in infrastructure. Today’s products are built by teams that have learned lessons from the last two great waves of mobile and cloud computing. Development is becoming more creative, more collaborative, more decentralized, and more extensible with each passing week. The infrastructure being built now stands to power the next generation of builders by giving them capabilities they can’t even imagine yet. This, coupled with advancements in AI, will drive a new “supercycle” of value creation. 

Astasia understands these dynamics and their incredible potential better than most. She’s inspired many of us through her thoughtful writing. She continually gathers “ground truth” from an impressive network of practitioners, buyers, experts, and investors. In short, Astasia is a force in the infrastructure community.

Unsurprisingly, all of this has also made Astasia the early partner of choice for many top technical founders, such as Paul Copplestone of Supabase. Over the years, we repeatedly heard founders say that Astasia was someone they would enthusiastically call first to work through a problem and that she would be willing to “run through walls” for them. More importantly, she was one of the earliest people who “got it”.

Barry McCardel, CEO of Hex, said, "Astasia impressed us with her dedication, determination, and doggedness. Even before we started working together, she was uniquely proactive and helpful with her introductions and advice."

Michel Tricot, CEO of Airbyte, said "Astasia has a genuine curiosity and interest in the companies she works with. She understands the technology and market quickly, and before others. She's a fantastic investor for technical builders."

As we got to know her better, Astasia’s intellectual rigor, hustle, and investing acumen became undeniable. In just a few short years as an investor, Astasia has backed LaunchDarkly, Solo.io, Semgrep, Hex, Airbyte, and many other exceptional technical teams.

Astasia graduated from Stanford University, then completed her Master’s at the University of Cambridge. She found her way into investing through Cisco, where she focused on cloud infrastructure M&A and investments. Later, she joined Redpoint as an investor on the early-stage enterprise team and, most recently, worked as a Partner at Quiet Capital. 

We are so excited to have Astasia join the Felicis team, where she will be at the forefront of partnering at the earliest stage with the best infrastructure and AI founders on the planet.