August 8, 2023

Investing in ConductorOne: next generation identity security

Securing the modern enterprise grows more complex with each passing year. IT and Security teams feel the brunt of each new challenge, with identity-based attacks becoming some of the most common in cybersecurity. Understanding who has access to what and when, how to protect data, and how to manage all your integrations from one platform remains surprisingly complex. It doesn’t need to be. 

Legacy software for identity security was created in the early 2000s; just as most people wouldn’t dare use an analog flip phone in 2023, CISOs have been clamoring for a better solution that does more than manage on-prem architectures. Enter ConductorOne, the company that we believe stands the best chance of fulfilling the promise of Zero Trust.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Felicis is leading the latest round of funding in ConductorOne. ConductorOne has quickly emerged as the leading identity security platform, delivering great granular control and doing so without sacrificing the quality of user experience. Countless CISOs and IT leaders have been telling us about the lack of user-friendliness for identity security, which ConductorOne addresses through multiple products and solutions:

  • Identity governance—Enforce access controls, improve security posture, and ensure companies meet evolving compliance requirements
  • Access requests—Employees shouldn’t have long-standing access to all applications and infrastructure. We’re confident the future for all companies will move to time-limited resource access and just-in-time (JIT) provisioning
  • User access reviews—A previously time-consuming process, we spoke with several customers that leverage ConductorOne to automate more than 80% of the periodic access reviews
  • Privileged access management—Security should be able to manage sensitive access to all cloud infrastructure systems – like AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake – without getting in the way of productivity for technical users

The company has an incredible vision for modern enterprise security, which will help organizations worldwide guide, automate, and orchestrate access controls to enforce the least privilege. This results in better-protected companies, data, and customers. 

We feel privileged to work with Alex, Paul and team on their mission to make organizations more secure. The founding team’s experience at Okta, ScaleFT, and Lookout give us confidence they can help teams meet their security and compliance goals. We’re also excited to work alongside both old and new friends in the community, including Jason Chan (Former VP of InfoSec at Netflix), Mark Hillick (Head of Security at Brex), Rohit Parchuri (SVP and CISO at Yext), Eynat Guez (CEO at Papaya Global), Jack Naglieri (CEO at Panther) Travis McPeak (CEO at Resourcely), and Will Bengtson (Senior Director of Security Engineering at HashiCorp).