May 30, 2024

Announcing the Felicis Fellows program

Encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the top CS students in the country

The best ideas happen when bright minds have access to real-world opportunities. To that end, we are excited to launch our inaugural Felicis Fellows in AI, a new program to encourage entrepreneurship among the nation's top computer science students.

The program is a one-week builders week in SF, during which students focused on various applications of AI/ML will come together to solve interesting challenges in AI and compete for the chance to win $200K in prizes. Projects will be judged by a combination of Felicis investors and founders, and the top 4 projects will be awarded cash prizes.  

Our first 13 Fellows are builders and visionaries pursuing degrees from some of the top universities in the US. 

A graph of the Felicis Fellows participants coming from Princeton, MIT, Berkeley and CMU.

The Felicis Fellows community

We are excited to have the chance to create meaningful connections for both our Fellows and Founders. Our judges will include members of the Felicis AI investment team Astasia Myers, James Detweiler, and Gabriella Garcia) as well as founders Isaac Evans of Semgrep, Ari Morcos of Datology, and Lukas Biewald of Weights and Biases

More founders are also participating in the weeklong events, including Harrison Chase - (co-founder and CEO of Langchain), Beyang Liu (co-founder and CTO of Sourcegraph), Matan Grinberg (founder and CEO of Factory), Piero Molino (cofounder at Predibase), Anthony Goldbloom, (co-founder and CEO at Sumble, founder of Kaggle), Nikola Borisov (co-founder and CEO of DeepInfra), Mike Knoop (co-founder and head of AI at Zapier), Jerry Liu (co-founder and CEO of LlamaIndex), and Seth Forsgren (founder and CEO of Riffusion). 

Fellows will hear from mentors throughout the week, getting unique insights on how the best AI founders are building today. They will also get time and space to connect and develop their projects before presenting them to the judges at the end of the week.

Ambitious students who believe AI can positively change the world, please watch out for next year's application process! If you’re a founder who wants to be involved with the next generation of builders, visionaries, and problem solvers, we’d love to hear from you and involve you in this growing community! Please reach out to us at

We will share more about the Fellows program after it concludes in early June. 

Special thanks to Laura Buhler, James Detweiler, Astasia Myers, and Gabriella Garcia for all their support for the Felicis Fellows program.