March 5, 2024

Investing in Metaplane

Organizations Can’t be “Data-Driven” Without High-Quality Data

As an industry (and society), we have invested vast amounts of money in ensuring data is properly stored, transferred, and utilized efficiently. Today, data informs almost every decision we make as humans and consumers. Our wearable tells us how well we slept last night, our phone tells us how many hours we’ve spent learning, browsing, and doom-scrolling, and our credit cards tell us how efficiently (or inefficiently) we are spending our money. 

Businesses operate the same way. They collect data from suppliers, customers, competitors, and business partners. The collection, analysis, and utilization of data have become table stakes for any competitive business. 

However, until recently, few have taken a step back to ask how they measure the tools used to store and move their data, and how to trust that the data is high-quality and accurate.

The companies that have answered that call are building data observability tools. Data observability broadly refers to the ability to monitor, measure, and understand the performance and health of your data infrastructure. It goes beyond traditional data monitoring by providing a holistic view of a company’s data pipeline, from ingestion to analysis. 

As data has become the lifeblood of modern businesses, the need to monitor that data has become equally important. In assessing this market, we saw several parallels to companies that benefited from the rise of the DevOps persona and applications. When the iPhone was released, every business needed to monitor the health of their mobile applications. Similarly, the modern data stack has created a modular, best-in-class ecosystem to store and move data in real-time. As the number of vendors in the space (and data) has grown, it has become increasingly complex to manage all the data tools. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our investment in Metaplane. Metaplane helps bring sanity to data through real-time data observability and monitoring. Metaplane is not the first to tackle this issue; however, we felt Metaplane stood apart from the rest with its bottom-up GTM, ease of implementation, and truly innovative product features. This ease of use allows for data-literate users to expand their influence and for business users to become “citizen data scientists” and they’re currently used by over 100 companies, including Klaviyo, Sigma, Census, GoFundMe, Bose, Ramp, and ClickUp.

Thanks to AI, data monitoring will only grow in importance. And you can’t have an AI strategy without a data strategy. We’re so excited to work with Kevin, Peter, and Guru, and we’re confident that the Metaplane team will help organizations trust their data more completely.

You can read more about Metaplane in their blogpost.