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We back founders building iconic companies that transcend boundaries. We invest directly in their growth to make them unbreakable.

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What kind of companies do you invest in?

Our mission is simple: back companies inventing the future. The most iconic ideas defy boundaries: they emerge from diverse teams in every corner of the globe, and they catalyze change across all facets of the economy—from healthcare breakthroughs to the next generation of AI tooling. This is why we seek out trailblazing founders around the world and across all sectors and stages. 

Most of our journeys with founders begin early: we partnered with Notion before the product was live, and we partnered with BioAge Labs when they just had an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin. Other partnerships are forged at an inflection point in the company’s trajectory, like Shopify when they were a team of 50 in Ottawa with just a couple thousand merchants on the platform or Adyen before they had any US customers.

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What’s your investment process like?

We don’t take meetings for the sake of taking meetings. Our approach to meeting founders is deliberate: we come to each meeting with conviction in a space and optimism in a team’s solution. You can expect our first session together to focus on what you’re building, as opposed to covering the foundations of your category or proving out your problem statement. We’ll also spend time getting to know one another and leaning into connection, which is at the core of how we work with founders.

How do you support founders?

Our goal is to provide value long before any formal partnership is penned, and we’re committed to continually proving our value throughout the years of our partnership. We do this by listening carefully to what founders say they need most. It’s not uncommon for Felicis partners to deliver customer research one day and make meaningful introductions to top ML engineers or 4-star generals the next. Our partners build out pricing models and GTM plans and help navigate founder dynamics. Partnering with Felicis gives you access to our entire team of operators, who are prepared to assist with your most significant needs.

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What’s unique about Felicis?

We pledge to create a delightful experience for founders that is rooted in empathy. We always vote our shares alongside our founders because we’ve witnessed firsthand how this improves outcomes for all stakeholders. We were the first venture firm to commit 1% on top of every first check we write for personalized founder development, from executive coaching to therapy and more. And we’ve structured our partnership to help companies quickly establish meaningful metrics, turn their companies into talent magnets, and create high-performing cultures that drive exceptional results. We don’t just help founders scale their companies; we help them scale themselves.

Who are your limited partners?

Since our inception in 2010, we’ve curated a base of limited partners composed only of world-positive institutions—and we exclude organizations with questionable humanitarian or ethical practices. Our limited partners use the returns we generate to fight for social equity, conduct cancer research, and save the environment. 

To date, our returns have helped our limited partners:

  • Fund research for over 200 Nobel Laureates
  • Provide college scholarships for over 500,000 historically marginalized students
  • Improve childhood cancer survival rates by 4X
  • Protect over 100,000 acres of land (including 12% of the Amazon rainforest) 

The missions of our limited partners inspire our entire team, including the founders with whom we have the privilege of partnering. 

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