February 21, 2024

Investing in PermitFlow

The lack of new housing is a massive problem. In the US alone, there’s a need for over 6.5 million houses to keep up with demand, and they’re not getting built. There’s a huge barrier to new construction for both residential and commercial alike: permitting. Nobody likes the current process, and it varies county by county and is woefully unmodernized. We need a permitting system that is built to scale, understands different geographic complexities, and unlocks the ability for people to build across the country.

This is where PermitFlow comes in—a company that provides end-to-end software for developers, contractors, and builders to increase efficiency, transparency, and accuracy in the permitting process. From initial preparation through submission and monitoring, PermitFlow makes the process an order of magnitude faster and is sorely needed. Construction professionals cite permitting as the number one problem impacting the $2 trillion industry. Annually, an estimated $45 billion is lost from permitting delays, negatively impacting all parties involved, and $12B is already spent on manual permitting solutions. With COVID accelerating the adoption of digital permitting and technology in the construction industry at large, PermitFlow is poised to have a very meaningful impact on all aspects of the pre-construction process. 

When we first met Francis and Samuel, we were struck by their conviction in solving this problem. Their familiarity with the space and intuition on how to build for varied needs gives us a major amount of confidence in PermitFlow’s ability to succeed and has been demonstrated by their best-in-class growth, customer retention, and expansion. It’s a testament that companies like Brookfield Properties, Lennar, Cushman & Wakefield, and Wright Construction Group are trusted PermitFlow customers. We’re incredibly excited to be part of the journey alongside our friends at Kleiner Perkins, Altos Ventures, Initialized Capital, and Y Combinator. 

If you’re passionate about this area, PermitFlow is hiring for many roles across the country.