May 14, 2024

Investing in Sona

There are over 234M frontline workers in the US, UK, and EU combined.

These are the people caring for the elderly, preparing and serving food, and creating hospitable environments. They are the backbone of our society, yet the systems they rely on to claim shifts or access their work information are incredibly outdated. For most companies, labor is the highest cost, and many times businesses aren’t able to optimize their workforces efficiently due to lack of good software tools.

Enter Sona. Sona offers a state-of-the-art enterprise-focused workforce management solution for businesses that manage thousands of frontline workers. Their product includes scheduling, HR, and payroll features designed to improve productivity and engagement. Sona's AI cloud brings technical sophistication to an industry that has long needed it. Imagining how their AI might change how businesses forecast and drive changes is one big reason we got excited when we met the team and why we’re honored to lead their Series A.

Founders Steffen, Oli, and Ben understand what large enterprises need to succeed and have an incredible record of building cutting-edge technology. They worked together for many years at Catapult, a shift-based gig marketplace they founded, where they learned firsthand how good software can dramatically change the unit economics of a company with frontline workers. We are excited to work with the team as they create the world’s best platform for workforce management.