January 18, 2023

Vannevar Labs Series B: leading the way in defense tech

In recent years, the way countries protect their interests and engage in geopolitical conflicts has undergone significant evolution. 

First, the fundamental nature of these conflicts has completely transformed: troops on the ground and drones may still be used, but we’re now in an era where acts of aggression can take place entirely through software and systems, and they may be entirely automated. 

Second, the Department of Defense hasn’t been able to replace old systems fast enough and we have not invested in advancements, like AI, at the same pace as other nations. For example: 

  • Until as recently as 2019, the US nuclear supply relied on a computer system that used floppy disks
  • According to Alexandr Wang, after adjusting for the total military budget, China is spending 10x more than the United States on AI. 

Government groups like the DoD know that in order to deal with the shifting geopolitical landscape — from instability in Europe to threats in Asia — they need the most advanced technological tools and resources to effectively defend and safeguard the nation. 

Enter Vannevar Labs, whose Series B we recently led and are announcing today. Vannevar Labs is a company that brings Silicon Valley’s technological innovation to the defense sector. Their first product, Decrypt, enables military and foreign policy decision-makers to comprehend, target, and respond to foreign entities through the use of powerful AI. While investing in AI has taken off over the last few months, we are proud to support a company that develops AI for such a worthy, urgent cause.

We were so impressed with the clarity, urgency, and expertise of founders Brett and Nini when we first met them. Their years of working within the intelligence community gives them crystal-clear empathy for those on the frontlines of crucial missions. They’ve assembled a stellar team of technologists with experience from Palantir, Amazon, Apple, and MIT. 

Brett has written eloquently about what it takes to invent defense products. This intentional approach to product building is a big reason why the defense community has eagerly adopted Vannevar’s technology. Over the past year, Vannevar Labs has released products to military and intelligence personnel stationed at over 15 military bases around the globe. These products have been used to provide intelligence support to allies in conflict regions, enhance operational security for individuals working in high-risk areas, and counter malicious actions by foreign countries. The Vannevar team delivers high-quality products, world-class support, and they iterate quickly based on customer feedback. These attributes are important in any company, but in the world of defense technology, this level of execution can result in more lives saved and protected.

If you’re interested in joining this team of top security experts and engineers, the company is currently hiring. As they say at Vannevar Labs: “You can work anywhere. You work here to impact national security.” 

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