October 19, 2023

Investing in Warmly

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Buyers decide in seconds. They leave forms unsubmitted all over the web. They linger on a webpage for mere moments. A salesperson might reach them, but it could be at the wrong time—like right after they’ve signed with a competitor. These problems exist across industries. Businesses today need the ability to grab a prospect's attention quickly because if they don’t, they might lose that opportunity forever.

Enter Warmly—the AI-powered pipeline acceleration platform that revenue leaders have been waiting for. Today, we’re announcing that we’re leading Warmly’s latest round of funding. We first learned of Warmly through a shared commonality—Warmly’s founding team was at Google, and the CEO Max was also a product manager there, just like Felicis’ Founder and Managing Partner, Aydin Senkut.

Warmly orchestrates metadata from places like Salesforce and Hubspot with intent data to identify the potential customers most likely to close. The platform will track and connect these prospects to sales teams—regardless of the team size. Customers of Warmly already include a wide range of industries like New Relic, Gainsight, Sendoso, and more.

The Warmly approach is novel. By freeing customer data silos and fusing their data with insights from different platforms that measure intent, Warmly can determine which accounts are worth focusing on, what stage of the buyer's journey each person is in, and how to best keep the conversation going. Afterward, Warmly will look at what's happened with similar accounts in the same spots on the buyer's journey and can serve up the ideal experience right when it matters most.

Revenue teams are always looking for tools to help them be more efficient, cover more ground, consistently iterate, and personalize their outreach. Warmly allows them to do all of this and installs in minutes. This AI-enhanced sales process is the way of the future, and we are excited to be working with Max, Carina, Alan, and the Warmly team as they build revenue-enhancing tools for businesses everywhere.